Golf Channel Lays Off “Most Of” Orlando-Based Staff

The Golf Channel is laying off most of its Orlando-based staff starting on August 29, then is allowing those staffers to reapply for jobs in a smaller pool, according to GolfWeek. 

This comes as Golf Channel is getting set to move its offices to Connecticut later this year. 

“My heart goes out to all the Golf Channel employee’s today. Tons of talented hard working people who love golf and TV in that building,” tweeted Arron Oberholser. 

According to GolfWeek, those whose job are eliminated in Phase I of the transition found out as early as Tuesday, while those in Phase II will be let go between October 31 and December 31. 

Who Lost Jobs 

It is unclear exactly who lost jobs as the employees are not yet allowed to address it publicly. 

According to GolfWeek, the job losses came in all categories such as camera operators, producers, website writers and more. 

Media Cuts Across Platforms

Golf Channel is just the latest media company to make serious cuts. 

Over the last month or so, Rhode Island’s own Providence Journal has continued to make changes, while on Tuesday, Fox Sports 1 has canceled its WWE Backstage program. 

Just two weeks ago, The Athletic laid off approximately 15% of its staff, including some prominent writers. 

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