Agawam Hunt Completes Clubhouse Renovations

Agawam Hunt announced that it has completed a series of clubhouse renovations. 

“This old place is looking pretty darn great these days.  A fresh coat of paint, new mason work on the West side of our property,  new columns on the front of the Clubhouse, a change of flowers in our flower beds and much, much more.  Thank you to our team and those who have helped along the way,” writes the club on Facebook. 

Agawam Hunt completes clubhouse renovations. PHOTO: Agawam Facebook

Last week, Agawam posted that the clubhouse was getting ready to welcome members soon. 

About Agawam Hunt 

Founded in 1897 as a fox hunting club, Agawam Hunt has evolved into a  welcoming sporting Club that meets the needs of young families while honoring its long history and traditions. 

In 2018, the club was sold to New Agawam, LLC and through a partnership with The Nature Conservancy, development rights to the inside 11 holes of the golf course were sold to ensure the space remains free of development in perpetuity. 

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