Mondays With Mike Bradshaw – Aces

So we had our first Hole In One of the season this past week at Kirkbrae –more details on that below–so it got me thinking about “aces” and interesting stories about the most “rewarding” shot in golf. 

For instance, did you know that the longest hole-in-one ever was on a 517 yard hole at Green Valley Ranch GC in Denver in 2002?  Or that in 1971, a professional on the European Tour named John Hudson had hole-in-ones on consecutive holes?  The first was a 195 yard par-3–nothing extremely notable there–but the second was a 311-yard par-4.  Not a bad way to keep your score low for that round?

How many hole in ones do you have? PHOTO: Chris Urbanowicz/Flickr Commons

Tiger Woods may be the best golfer of all time, but he does not have the record for most “aces”, although his lifetime total of 20 (including 3 in Tour events) is quite amazing.  That record actually goes to a gentleman named Norman Manley, who made an unprecedented (and maybe, unbelievable??)  59 hole-in-ones in a  15-year span from 1964-1979.

And lastly, there is hope for all of us.  The statistics say that there is a hole-in-one made in the world approximately every 3500 rounds.  Here at Kirkbrae we average around 20,000 rounds or so per year which equates to about 6 per year. 

Brian Corriveau made the first last week–that means we should have another 5 or so left in the season. 

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