Peter Walsh: Getting Your Mind Right for Competitive Golf

So as I get ready to finally play in my first NEPGA event of the year at Newport National, one thing that I try to do to help my game is to get into the right frame of mind for the day.

To do that, I try and make my day only about golf. Maybe you can learn from what I try to do on each competitive golf day.

1.   Have a healthy breakfast, and pack my snacks/water for the day. I begin eating around the 4th hole and i’ll nibble on stuff throughout the day, especially if I’m walking the course, you always have to be feeding the fire.

2.  I make sure I get to the course with plenty of time before my tee time to get sufficiently warmed up. Nothing worse than getting to the course with only minutes to spare before your tee time. I’ll go the range and warm up through my bag. I always make sure the last swings I take at the range are the shots that i want to play on my first hole.

3.   Then I head to the putting green to get an idea of the speed of the greens for the day.

4.   Leave the cell phone in the bag or car if you have the discipline. I’m there to play golf and not answer calls or emails from work.

5.   I then try and focus on playing golf, not about fixing my swing or game while playing. I visualize each shot as I get ready to execute it.

This last one is one that I find my students have difficulty with, as they think playing golf is the same as practicing.

We will all be better ‘players’ of golf if we take some time each week to practice on specifics that will help our own game. 

If we compartmentalize our swing, working on little things at a time, we will make the ‘Whole Swing’ so much better.

Put a little practice into your game and reap the benefits. 

Peter Walsh currently serves as the Head Golf Professional at Kings Crossing Country Club.  Prior to Kings Crossing Walsh was an assistant Golf Professional at Cape May National Golf Club in southern New Jersey under Pro Emeritus Skee Riegal, 1947 US Amateur Champion, 1951 second at Masters to Ben Hogan and Head Golf Professional, Russell O. Davis Philadelphia PGA teacher of the year.

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