Petition Started to Save Brown Golf

Pinya Pipatjarasgit starts petition to save Brown golf. PHOTO: Brown Athletics

Brown University women’s golf sophomore Pinya Pipatjarasgit started a petition on to save men’s and women’s golf. 

As GolfNewsRI reported, the school announced last Thursday that it was cutting men’s and women’s golf among nine other programs. 

As of Sunday night, the petition had more than 3,000 signatures.

Click here to sign the petition 

The petition on reads: 

On May 28, Brown University announced the heartbreaking news that they would be cutting 11 varsity teams, among those being men’s and women’s golf. This news came as a shock to both our teams and our coaches. None of us woke up that morning with any idea that our titles as a Brown University student-athletes would be stripped from us over the span of a 5-minute Zoom call.

This decision was made in an initiative for “excellence in Brown Athletics,” though it is hard to understand how cutting over 150 student-athletes, who have all brought so much hard work, passion, and dedication to their respective teams, is a step in that direction. Framing this decision as a positive initiative was a slap in the face to all of us, disregarding and devaluing the time and effort we have committed to establishing ourselves as competitive Brown University athletes. We were given no opportunity to advocate for our teams, even though this decision has been in the works for about a year. Subsequent emails told us that we would be provided counseling if we would like to transfer. This negates the fact that many of us worked for most of our lives to play collegiate golf at the DI level, not only at an Ivy League, but at Brown specifically, because of the unique academic opportunities it provides.

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