Mondays With Mike Bradshaw: Golf’s Role in the Slow Climb to “Normalcy”

As we see the country (and the world for that matter) begin a slow climb back into “normalcy”, it’s amazing to see how the game of golf has helped people navigate the climb. 

While putting with the flag in (I’m a convert on that one..) and single rider golf cars (that one as well—and the pace of play!!!) were things golfers would’ve never contemplated just a year or so ago, they’ve come to be part of the norm now.

Golf has helped with the return to normalcy. PHOTO: USGA

And the game (and accompanying industry) has picked itself up, dusted itself off, and is ready to get back up to speed. 

The PGA Tour starts play in just over a week and state and regional events will follow soon thereafter or even before.  Clubs throughout the country are now open (at almost 100% at this point—and not many industries can say that) and golfers are playing more than ever. 

It’s been a sight for sore eyes watching everyone come and go, enjoying the game, over the past weeks and days.  Yes, the game looks a little bit different. 

Yes, your ball may end up in a footprint in the bunker (Local Rule–Ground Under Repair, free drop in the bunker). 

And, yes, you have to use your club to get the ball out of the hole.  But the root of the game is still the same.  Get your ball from point A (aka the teeing ground) to point B (the hole) in the least amount of shots. 

Simple, yet unbelievably difficult.  Charming, but amazingly frustrating.  And we wouldn’t have it any other way…  

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