Peter Walsh: The Secret to Playing Good – There Isn’t One

So as golfers we all, at some point or another, try and figure out how we could play better.

So we have two options, we can seek PGA Professional advice by taking a lesson and practicing, or we can go online and search for “The Secret.”

Sorry to break it to you, but there isn’t much of a secret to being good at golf. 

There is no secret to playing good golf. PHOTO: Chris Urbanowicz/Flickr Commons

Get some direction and practice doing it over and over again.

One thing that tends to get overlooked by average golfers is the importance that the HANDS and GRIP play in the game. 

It is what connects you to the club, and as such should be given a high priority when u consider why your game is suffering. 

I will leave you with one thought about the HANDS and GRIP ‘One of the hands is controlling where the club-face is’ and because it is, can be a major cause of errant shots.

Leave a comment or question or send me an IM and maybe I can help steer you in the right direction of enjoying our game much more.

Peter Walsh currently serves as the Head Golf Professional at Kings Crossing Country Club.  Prior to Kings Crossing Walsh was an assistant Golf Professional at Cape May National Golf Club in southern New Jersey under Pro Emeritus Skee Riegal, 1947 US Amateur Champion, 1951 second at Masters to Ben Hogan and Head Golf Professional, Russell O. Davis Philadelphia PGA teacher of the year.

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