“Golf Industry Must be Considered Essential” Says Mass Golf’s Menachem

Mass Golf Executive Director Jesse Menachem

Mass Golf Executive Director Jesse Menachem is calling for the golf industry in Massachusetts to be considered essential as the summer approaches. 

“While we appreciate the initial attention to opening golf as a safe recreational activity, we are now well behind our colleagues and peers regionally and nationally and we believe that the golf industry must be considered essential as we approach the busiest time of the season,” said Jesse Menachem, Executive Director of Mass Golf in a statement. 

Massachusetts was the last state in the U.S. to open for golf, or at least announce plans to open for golf. 

Restrictions wise, the state is behind the rest of the Northeast as the chart below shows. 

See the Chart Below 

Massachusetts is behind other states. CHART: Mass Golf

Effects on RI 

Rhode Island has been open for golf right from the start of the coronavirus crisis with heavy restrictions to begin with and now with restrictions being loosened slightly over the last few weeks. 

There are several courses in RI that have Massachusetts members and those members are currently unable to play at their home course, but can eat there. 

One course greatly impacted is Pawtucket Country Club. 

The majority of the course in in Massachusetts, while holes one, ten and 18, as well as, the clubhouse are in Rhode Island. 

There is speculation that travel restrictions between Rhode Island and Massachusetts may be lifted in phase two.  

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