Peter Walsh: Fixing Ball Marks

So now that the phase one restrictions are underway, as golfers we can think about the things we can do to help take care of the courses we love to play with our family and friends.

The easiest one to do is to fix ball marks on the putting green.

My suggestion is to fix at least two marks on every green you play, whether you have hit the green with your shot or not. Below is a link from the USGA about the ‘5 things every golfer should know about fixing ball marks.’

Be sure to fix ball marks. PHOTO: USGA

I’m sure we all know these, but a refresher is always beneficial.

If the average number of rounds at an 18 hole municipal or public course is, say, 150.

Then 150 x 18 x 2 = 5400.

So if everyone follows my advice then we could be fixing 5,400 ball marks each day at the courses we play, which would make for better putting surfaces, which is what we all want to putt on.

If your looking for more advice on ball marks, read the USGA’s tips here.

Peter Walsh currently serves as the Head Golf Professional at Kings Crossing Country Club.  Prior to Kings Crossing Walsh was an assistant Golf Professional at Cape May National Golf Club in southern New Jersey under Pro Emeritus Skee Riegal, 1947 US Amateur Champion, 1951 second at Masters to Ben Hogan and Head Golf Professional, Russell O. Davis Philadelphia PGA teacher of the year.

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