Bryant Golf’s Henderson Writes Heartfelt “Thank You” to School

EDITOR’s NOTE: The thank you note was first featured on the Bryant Athletics website.

When making my college decision in the fall of 2015, there were two reasons that made my choice a simple one.

Academically, Bryant University provides students exposure to both the business world and the arts and sciences. As someone with a passion for political science, I knew that I would be able to pursue this passion while also preparing myself for a fluctuating and unpredictable job market.

Athletically, I had little doubt that coach Charlie Blanchard was the person with the best chance of helping me reach my full potential and leading me to achieve my personal and team goals.

Connor Henderson PHOTO: Bryant Athletics

As I look back on that decision in 2015, I realize that these two factors have provided me with a career path that excites me and a lifelong relationship that I will treasure.

While Bryant’s academics and my relationship with Coach Blanchard have exceeded all expectations, it is the people that I did not know before arriving in Smithfield that have made me believe in Bryant and fully confident in telling people who are considering enrolling, that they are on the verge of making the best decision of their lives.

It is President Machtley inviting you to play golf or showing up at 6 AM indoor practice. It is Professors John Dietrich and Michael Bryant striving to not only teach their subjects but motivating students to pursue the fields of study outside of the classroom.

It is Bill Smith, John Ruppert, Jason Sullivan, Beth Wandyes, and the entire athletic administration who allow you to voice your opinion and have autonomy in making decisions when trying to make the Bryant Athletics experience positive for all student-athletes.

While the people I have named are certainly special, their attitude and character are not unique within the Bryant Community. For these reasons, I say thank you, Bryant.


Connor Henderson

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