Raised Cups, Foam Inserts – No More, Cup Caddie Returns Some Normalcy to Making Putts

As golf season begins to really pick up in Rhode Island, golfers are becoming frustrated with the raised cups and foam inserts in place at all courses to prevent players from touching flag sticks and picking balls out of holes.

To solve that problem, RI-based Heritage Bay USA has developed a new product called the “Cup Caddie.” 

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“The cup caddie allows golfers to putt the ball in the hole every time. Golfers can use their putter, or any club, to easily lift their ball out of the hole without touching anything,” writes the group. 

The “Cup Caddie” has already been shipped to courses all over the country,, including some here in Rhode Island.

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Cup Caddie 

The Cup Caddie is made from aircraft grade aluminum and will not rust. 

Another benefit to the Cup Caddie is that, unlike similar products, it will not break if it is hit at a high rate of speed. 

The Cup Caddie requires no assembly and is easy to install, you just simply remove the flag and slide it over the pole. 

If a player prefers to have the flag stick out, they just remove the it from the hole like normal and the Cup Caddie will not fall off. 

The Cup Caddie works for golf courses, practice greens, chipping greens, practice facilities, miniature golf and much more. 

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