Mondays With Mike Bradshaw – The Simplicity of The Game

The entire set of golf rules on one sheet of paper–wouldn’t that be nice??  As you can see in the picture above, that is how the game started–13 simple rules on one sheet. 

Obviously we’ve progressed through the years to the current Rule book of 24 Rules (down from the previous 34) in a book that is over 100 pages in length.  

The original 13 rules of golf.

So what’s this got to do with anything?  Well, watching some people walk around the course over the past few weeks has made me realize how simple the game of golf truly is. 

Not simple in terms of it being easy–we all know that is definitely not true–but simple in terms of the goal: Strike the ball with the club as many times as necessary to make it go in the hole.  That’s it in a nutshell.

With the trying times we all are encountering the past few weeks, the simplicity of the game has been on full display.  Players are looking to get some time out in the fresh air and maybe enjoy a “good walk spoiled”. 

In today’s day and age of constant information, the game has become complex.  Launch monitors, shot-tracking, adjustable clubs, biomechanics, etc.–they may help players but they have definitely taken the simplicity out of the game and replaced it with complexity.

But during the past few weeks, golfers everywhere have seen the simple things of the game shine through.  The sunshine and open air, the crack of the ball off the face of the club, the feeling of a crisply-struck shot—all examples of simple things that all golfers love. 

Now, more than ever, golfers are thankful for these things.  The perks of this game may be small and fleeting, but they are oh, so gratifying.

The age-old saying is “Keep It Simple, Stupid”.  Pretty apropos in today’s climate–let’s see if we can keep it that way in the game as well…

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