GolfNewsRI Begins Series on New World Handicap System

Video courtesy of USGA.

GolfNewsRI has begun a four part series, this being part one, regarding the new World Handicap System implemented by the USGA. 

“With golf season in Rhode Island all but underway, it is important for players to have a basic understanding of the system, as it is a little different. I’m trying to learn it myself,” said GolfNewsRI co-founder Joe Calabro. 

The USGA began rolling out the World Handicap System in January of 2020. 

“Millions of golfers from over 35 countries around the world are now experiencing the benefits of the new system which is designed to be consistent, inclusive and modern,” writes the USGA.

Time to learn about the World Handicap System. PHOTO: Screenshot of USGA video

The Four-Part Series 

Starting Monday, April 20, with the video above, the four-part series is as follows: 

April 20 – Welcome to the World Handicap System 

April 21 – Standardized Par 

April 22 – VIDEO: Explaining Net Double Bogey 

April 23 – Infographic: How to Use Your Handicap Index 

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