RIGA Offers Guidelines for Golfing During Coronavirus Crisis

As of April 1, Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo is allowing golf courses across the state to remain open for play. 

This comes as Massachusetts has shut down all golf courses and one Connecticut course has been shut down due to overcrowding. 

The Rhode Island Golf Association (RIGA) posted the following guidelines and tips for playing golf during the coronavirus crisis: 


  • Should provide workers with protective gloves and any other sanitizing materials
  • Should clean all touchable areas heavily with disinfectant. (Examples: carts and flagsticks)
  • Must follow Rhode Island’s directives relating to food and beverage service at their club until told otherwise (Example: through March 30, there will be no on-site food consumption. Takeout and delivery food options are still available.)
  • Should consider creating more space between groups in tee sheet to avoid overcrowding.
  • Should consider creating a touchless interaction (pay online or with credit card and no cash)
  • Should consider ways to avoid touching anything on the golf course (removing flagsticks, bunker rakes, divot mix boxes, ball washers, raise cup liners or use an object that keeps ball above surface when holed)
  • Should sanitize all carts before and after use


  • Should keep a minimum of six feet between others no matter the situation, avoiding contact with others (handshakes, etc.)
  • Anyone who has symptoms or is sick from COVID-19 must stay away from their club at all times
  • Shouldn’t pick up any golf balls they find that are not theirs and should not touch flagsticks or any other objects on the course
  • Should only touch their own clubs
PHOTO: Chris Urbanowitz/Flickr Commons

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