Cranston West Golf Team Announces Fundraiser

The high school golf season is quickly approaching and the Cranston West Golf team is looking for some help. 

The team announced a fundraiser this week, and the fundraiser involved everyone’s favorite snack – popcorn. 

“Have some popcorn and help out the CHSW golf program! Awesome group of kids excited for a great season ahead! Money raised will go towards facilities to practice, equipment, more kids opportunities to play and tournament entries. Thank you and I’m Proud to be their coach,” writes Head Coach Stephen Hallas about the fundraiser. 

PHOTO: Flickr Commons

The goal of the fundraiser is $500.  

As of this publishing, the team has already raised $460. 

Click HERE to help 

The high school golf season begins in early April with the Challenge Cup Championship, and then the regular season on April 18.

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