Lee Westwood Gets Dumped by UPS After Waiver Request to Play LIV Tournament

UPS has parted ways with Lee Westwood after serving as one of his sponsors for over 14 years, according to Sports Illustrated’s Alex Miceli. 

This comes a couple of weeks after Westwood filed a waiver request with the PGA Tour to play in the LIV Golf Invitational that is backed by the Saudis. 

“The decision to end our partnership is a strategic business decision that allows us to focus on other initiatives. We maintain alternative sponsorships across other sports as well as cultural, philanthropic and sustainability-led initiatives to support our brand and meet the needs of our business,” said UPS spokeswoman Kara Ross in an email to Miceli.

Lee Westwood PHOTO: Getty Images/PGA Tour

UPS is one of the suppliers of the Ryder Cup, which Westwood has been a big part of throughout his career. 

Westwood was among the players filing for release from the PGA Tour, but the Tour denied the releases. 

It is unclear what will happen going forward, but it appears Westwood and others are going to play in the LIV Golf event anyway. 

The first event is set for the week before the U.S. Open.  

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