Inverted Fitness & Golf Opens in East Greenwich

Fitness, golf, billiards and fun, what more could you ask? 

That’s what newly opened Inverted Fitness and Golf in East Greenwich offers anyone who walks through the door. 

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“What we are focusing on is fitness for golf, a program called fit and hit. People come in, get their swing assessed by an actual pro and while they do that I asses them from the fitness side. After that we go out on the floor and do some stretching and things, then we go back to the bays and see if anything has changed. Usually, they get better,” owner Amanda Cortellesso told GolfNewsRI. 

Hit balls on the simulator at Inverted Fitness and Golf

Cortellesso is an avid golfer, fitness model, trainer, pro aerialist and acrobat. 

She has since added Entrepreneur to her resume. 

“I’m a golf enthusiast myself, I work pretty hard at it and will be in some tournaments this season. So I got good quickly and really enjoyed the process and found that fitness helped me because I was able to pick things up faster. I would go to the gym, work on the best positions to be in. Then I would relax and hit into the net and feel much better,” said Cortellesso. 

Inverted Fitness features two golf pros, two fitness pros and a billiards pros. 

Inverted Fitness and Golf has a full training staff.

Along with a gym membership and full training program, Inverted Fitness is also a place you can go just for fun. 

They have two simulator bays with all the latest technology and up to 30 courses. 

You can rent a bay for up to four hours. 

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