URI Golf Coach Remembers Red Sox Legend Jerry Remy

Boston Red Sox legend Jerry Remy passed away on Sunday after a long battle with cancer. 

He was 68 years old. 

University of Rhod Island golf coach Gregg Burke shared his memories of Remy with GolfNewsRI.

Gregg Burke Remembers Jerry Remy:

I never once met Jerry Remy.  

But we smiled and nodded a couple dozen times.  He came to many PC games (season ticket holder at one point) and had the sense that I had to do something more than look bad in my suit. 

Jerry Remy PHOTO: NESN

I walked in front of his seats a bunch as I scurried about doing whatever I did in the Civic Center (the name of the arena before it became the Pumpkin Spice Coffee and Donut Stadium)  trying to look important. 

I just knew him as someone so very, very kind. There were always people coming up to him.  He never lost his energy even when it was clear they took him away from his family and the game.

I am told he was quite a baseball player and a great commentator of the game.

I wouldn’t know.  I am very clear that I never heard his voice once on TV because I never watched.

But I knew him to be a very kind man.

Because I watched.

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