Rhode Island Leads Tri-State Matches After Day 1

Seeking to win their first Tri-State Matches in 20 years, Team Rhode Island is taking a three point lead into Wednesday’s single matches. 

PHOTO: Joe Calabro/GolfNewsRI

After day one at Cape Cod National, Rhode Island has 54 total points. 

They are three ahead of Massachusetts and 15 ahead of Connecticut. 

Team RI Takes Lead 

In the morning foursome matches, Rhode Island was led by three teams. 

The pairing of Jamie Lukowicz and Darren Corrente snagged six points, as well as, the team of McKinley Slade and Randy Millen. 

The pairing of Kevin Blaser and Jordan Amorin took 5 1/2 points in the session. 

The afternoon session began at about 2 p.m.. 

For Team Rhode Island, they were led by the Kirkbrae team of Tom McCormick and Mike Hamilton who took six points. 

Two Rhode Island teams followed closely behind. 

Those teams were Slade and Tyler Cooke, who own 5 1/2 points, while Bobby Leopold and Blaser added five points. 

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