PGA Tour Pro Calls 10-Stroke Penalty on Himself

PGA Tour pro Mark Hensby has withdrawn from the Palmetto Championship at Congaree after calling a ten shot penalty on himself for playing the wrong ball during the first round. 

Hensby was playing in only his second PGA Tour event in three years. He is a month away from being eligible for the Champions Tour.

How it Happened

According to Golf Digest, on the putting green, Hensby was putting with fellow Tour Pro Pat Perez. 

During the session, Hensby picked up one of Perez’s balls, think it was his and put it in his pocket. 

During the first round, after Hensby had put one of his own balls into the water on the fourth hole, he grabbed a new ball from his bag, except it was Perez’s. 

Mark Hensby PHOTO: PGA Tour

“If you look at both balls it’s hard to know the difference. It’s not like one is black and one is red. They’re both black, but one has a small dot on it and one doesn’t. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice that. I’m glad he didn’t use mine,” Hensby told PGA 

Hensby said he noticed on the eighth hole that his ball had a small dot  on it, which according to fellow players, signified a low spin ball. He doesn’t play that type of ball. 

He discovered later that it was Perez’s ball. 

After a notifying a Tour official, Hensby was assessed a two-stroke penalty for every hole that he used the wrong ball. 

That added up to ten shots and turned his 74 into an 84. 

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