Course Review: Plymouth Country Club – May 6, 2021

On Thursday, I had the opportunity to play Plymouth Country Club in Massachusetts as part of The Cape Cod Golf Guys’ Pilgrimage Golf Tournament. 

What a day. 

The purpose of the event was for golf creators and innovators to meet and potentially collaborate in the future. It was inspiring to see and meet so many folks that are so passionate about the game of golf. 

PHOTO: Joe Calabro

Anyway, as for the course. 

Plymouth is a Donald Ross course that was built in 1910, and unlike Metacomet, they have done a tremendous job renovating their clubhouse and facilities over the years to keep up with the times. 

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The course was in near pristine condition on Thursday with tournament level green speeds, lush fairways and good tee boxes. 

Interesting fact that I learned about Ross’ courses. There is no front pin-middle pin-back pin. 

It is just front and back, they basically split the green in half. 

Wannamoisett does the same thing. 

If this is common knowledge, then I apologize. I just never realized that. 

While the conditions were great, the course was challenging, especially since I had never played it before. 

Long par threes (200+ yards), three shot par fours and just one par five on the course makes it tough to score. That is not even counting the wind, which on this particular day was tough. 

I have never played any other courses in the Plymouth area, so I’m in no position to rank it, but if there are courses better, than I would love to see it. 

A huge thanks to the Cape Cod Golf Guys for inviting us. 

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