Triggs Announces Turkey Shoot Out Winners

Triggs Memorial has announced the winners of its Turkey Shoot Out that took place on Sunday. 

PHOTO: Triggs

Triggs was turned into a par 3 course for the event. 

The winners are as follows: 

1st.Gross: Ken Mernick / Robert O’Connor 

2nd.Gross: Robert Degnan / Robert Xavier 

2nd.Gross: Michael Douilette / George Soukatos 

2nd. Gross: Thomas Cabana / Edmund Allcock 

1st.Net: Anthony Casali / Robert Kerwin 

2nd.Net: Gary Marcotte / Chris Bataitis 

2nd.Net: J.Zerbo / P.Laniere 

4th.Net: Douglas Corsetti / Lynn Mernick 

4th.Net: Robert Difilippo / Gary Difilippo

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