Golf Digest Tweets Out Story From ….2010

A slow news day perhaps? 

On Monday morning, Golf Digest tweeted out a story about the 18 most fun golf holes to play in the U.S. 

Sounds interesting, perhaps a hole from Rhode Island made it, you never know. 

Upon further review, the story was from 2010… December 1, 2010 to be exact.

Who knows if all those courses are still open or if the holes look the same etc.. 

Several people responded to the tweet saying that it was from 2010.

Golf Digest uses the branding company Hootsuite to manage their social media accounts and post all of their tweets and Facebook posts. 

They have already tweeted at least nine times today, including stories on Charles Barkley, PGA Tour pro Tommy Fleetwood and more. 

You, the consumer, have likely seen their posts about different rankings – America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses etc… Those posts are old as well, from 2019. At least that is only a year ago, and many of those rankings are done biyearly anyway so it is not completely irrelevant to post, given that 2020 would be the off year.

But, ten years ago… yikes.

For the record, we like Golf Digest, and source them on a good portion of our PGA Tour content. 

Mistakes happen.

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