July Golf Rounds Up 20% Across U.S.

Despite a pandemic and other issues across the country, the game of golf continues to endure. 

According to the National Golf Foundation, golf rounds were up 20% across the country in July, outpacing June’s 14% gain over last year. 

“It almost seems inconceivable given the loss of 20 million spring rounds from course shutdowns and virus-related anxieties. And the good news is likely to keep coming, at least from a play point-of-view. Indications from several golf course management companies, Troon, KemperSports and Billy Casper Golf Management among them, are that August has been nearly as goo,” writes the National Golf Foundation. 

June and July combined has allowed the industry to rise from a 16% year-to-date deficit on April 30 to now a 3% lead over 2019. 

July by the Numbers 

According to the National Golf Foundation, only  three times in at least the past 151 months has the industry seen a monthly rounds-increase of 20% or more. 

Those three times were during a heatwave in late 2011/early 2012, leading to surges in play at courses in the north that were typically closed and at a time of year when percentage increases can be misleading. 

Golf Equipment Sales on Rise 

The rise in play coincides with the rise in golf equipment sales in the month of July. 

According to the National Golf Foundation, Total on- and off-course golf equipment sales were $388.6 million in July, a single-month record since Golf Datatech began tracking golf retail sales in 1997.

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