Mondays With Mike Bradshaw: The Open for the Ages

“I’m the Greatest…”—Muhammed Ali

Muhammed Ali was always ready to pump himself as the greatest of all-time..something I don’t think you’ll ever hear from a golfer.  Tiger or Jack is the current debate–and since they were both “in the house” this past weekend at the Memorial it popped back into the popular conversation. 

But did you have a chance to see the “Open Championship” that was put together through old footage to determine “The Champion Golfer of All-time”?  If you didn’t, see if you can find it online or on TV because it was a pretty cool concept. 

PHOTO: The Open

Old TV footage, all taken at St Andrews in Scotland, spliced together to make a “virtual Open” last weekend in place of the Open Championship that was supposed to take place. 

Tiger and Jack, Arnie and Gary, Rory and Lee–they all “played” in a pretty cool, while fake, rendition of “what if?” 

And while it will never settle the debate of “who’s better?”, it was a different way to see how the greats of today and yesterday (and maybe some of tomorrow) tackled the same golf course–St. Andrews. 

It’s probably the only course that could you could do something like this and even make it feel real–since it hasn’t really changed at all in decades.

It really makes you think about how while the game has changed throughout the years–clubs are easier to hit, balls fly further, greens are faster (and the pants are tighter??)–the game is really still the same. 

Hit the ball–hopefully straight and long–find the ball–within 3 minutes!!–and hit the ball again….

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