LIVE BlOG: Match Play at the RI Amateur – Rd of 32

This is a running update of the round of 32 matches at the RI Amateur.

For the list of matches and times, click here.

Story will continually be updated so check back.

MatchesLast update 2:34 pm

Andrew O’Leary vs Kyle Hoffman 

Defending champion Andrew O’Leary is three up through five holes on fellow Pawtucket Country Club member Kyle Hoffman.

O’Leary is six up through 12.

O’Leary wins 7&5.

Kevin Blaser vs Joseph Tucker 

The match is tied through three holes.

Blaser is now two up through ten holes.

Blaser is 1 up through 16.

Match over, Blaser wins it on 18.

Ryan Pelletier vs Tyler Cooke

Pelletier is two up through 7.

The match is now tied through 9 holes.

Pelletier grabs a 1 up lead through 15.

Match is over, Pelletier wins 3&2.

Michael Hamilton vs Brad Auclair

Match is tied through five holes.

PHOTO: Joe Calabro/GolfNewsRI

Hamilton is 1 up through nine. Auclair with a big putt on nine to keep it that way.

Hamilton takes a 2 up lead through 10.

Hamilton now two up through 15.

Hamilton takes it 3&2.

Kevin Silva vs Peter O’Neill 

Silva is one up after the five holes.

Silva is three up through 9.

Silva is in control at 5 up through 11.

Silva takes the match 6&5.

Christopher Delucia vs Darren Corrente 

Match is tied through one hole.

Corrente is now one up through 8.

The match is all square through 13.

Corrente wins in 20 holes.

Maxwell Jackson vs George Pirie

PHOTO: Joe Calabro/GolfNewsRI

Pirie is three up through 8.

Make that 4 up through 11.

Pirie wins 6&5.

Nico Ciolino vs Kolby Simmons

Simmons is 1 up through 10.

Match is now tied through 11.

Simmons is 1 up through 17.

Ciolino wins it in 19 holes.

Bobby Leopold vs Michael Soucy

Leopold nearly made this putt. PHOTO: Joe Calabro/GolfNewsRI

Leopold is 1 up through two.

He just missed a putt on 9 to go two up. Remains 1 up.

The match is tied through 12.

Leopold has taken a 2 up lead through 15.

Leopold wins 3&2.

George Cidade vs Henry Horgan

Match is tied through 2.

Horgan is two up through 8.

Cidade wins 2&1.

Austin Cilley vs Jason Kalin

Cilley is 1 up through 2.

Kalin is now two up through 9.

Kalin wins it 4&3.

Harry Dessel vs Eric Marchetti

Dessel is 2 up through 3.

Dessel in control at three up through 5.

Make that 4 up through 7.

Dessel is now 3 up through 10.

After having a commanding lead, Dessel is now just two up through 12.

Dessel ends up pulling away to win 5&3.

Jamie Lukowicz vs Nicholas Petracca

Lukowicz is 2 up through 5.

He is now three up through 8.

Now three up through 13.

Lukowicz wins 4&3.

Chris Roloff vs Richard Audette Jr.

Match is tied through 4.

Roloff is 1 up through 7.

Roloff is three up through 14.

Roloff wins 4&3.

Nick Salvatore vs Tom McCormick

Salvatore is 3 up through 9.

Salvatore is now just one up through 13.

After being three down, McCormick has now battled back to even through 14 holes.

Still tied through 16.

Salvatore is 1-up through 17.

The match is tied and going to extras.

We are now on the 20th hole of the match.

McCormick wins in 21 holes.

Robert Rambone vs Alex Parente

Parente is 1 up through seven.

Rambone is 1 up through 8.

The match is tied through 13.

Alex Parente is now one up through 14.

Match is tied through 15.

Parente goes one up through 16.

Parente gets the win 2&1.

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