REPORT: PGA Tour Players, Caddies Not Following Safety Protocols

The PGA Tour is back after more than 90 days under strict health and safety guidelines. 

However, it appears that at least some players are not exactly following those rules. 

Golf Digest’s Brian Wacker “Had multiple caddies/players tell me they’re not listening to any of the tour’s protocols and will eat out, stay wherever they want, etc. Hoping everyone stays healthy/safe and this goes off well for golf.” 

Back in May, the PGA Tour released a comprehensive health and safety plan highlighting testing procedures and off the course procedures, including places where players can eat and go. 

See That Plan Here

“The tour is testing ~400 of 1,100 people on site. It also provided *suggested* guidelines to follow for players/caddies. Some have said they won’t and will do whatever they want,” Wacker added in a separate tweet. 

The results of the tests already done have not yet been released.

It is unclear if they even will be released, even if a player tests positive. 

The PGA Tour returns tomorrow, June 11 with the Charles Schwab Challenge at Colonial Country Club in Houston, Texas.

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