Could Memorial Tournament Set Template for Fans to Return to Sports Events

Could the PGA Tour be setting a template for fans to return to sporting events? 

Earlier this week, Ohio governor Mike DeWine approved the Memorial Tournament’s request to allow fans at the event, which will take place in mid-July. 

On Sunday, more details of the plan were released. 

Could the PGA Tour set a template for fans to return? PHOTO: Ryan Schreiber/Flickr Commons.

PGA Tour’s Plan 

According to a report from the Columbus Dispatch, the Memorial Tournament will have up to 8,000 fans on-site at any given time, equaling approximately 20 percent of the capacity. 

The Dispatch reports that there will be no bleachers, and each hole will feature designated sitting or standing areas, where a pre-determined number of fans will be allowed to sit. 

According to the report, fans will be required to wear masks, and temperature checks will take place at every entrance. 

A Template? 

So could this PGA Tour event set a template for other sports to allow fans to return in some capacity? 

Obviously, it is not apples to apples, an outdoor golf tournament compared to a game played inside the tight confines of an arena or stadium. 

However, there are aspects that can be applied, relatively simply. 

Temperature checks at every entrance seems pretty reasonable. If a fan’s temperature is above a certain number, then they must leave the building immediately. 

The PGA Tour is allowing only a certain number of fans at each hole in designate areas. 

In an arena or stadium, perhaps a certain number of fans at each section could work. 

Where things will get tougher for these other sports is you have season ticket holders and those who purchased tickets for a game months and months in advance. 

That is a ways away from being sorted out, and I imagine could cause some issues, however, the Tour’s template is a good one and could help pave the way for other sports. 

Once again, it is great to see golf at the forefront. 

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