Triggs to Keep 10 Minute Tee Time Intervals Due to Pace of Play Improvement

Triggs Memorial Golf Course announced on Thursday that they will keep the ten minute intervals between tee times do to a “noticeable improvement”  in the pace of play. 

Triggs will keep tee time intervals at ten minutes. PHOTO: Triggs Facebook

Prior to Covid-19 restrictions, tee times at golf courses around the state were set at approximately eight minutes apart, but then increased as much as 15 minutes and then ten minutes due to the coronavirus. 

The Donald Ross designed Triggs is one of the premier courses in Rhode Island, but pace of play has plagued the course over the years do to the hundreds and hundreds of rounds they do per day. 

Triggs posted the following on Facebook:

The saying goes “You can’t teach Old Dogs new Tricks”.

Following the Rhode Island State mandated Covid-19 Guidlines for the past several weeks taught this “Old Dog” a very important lesson.

It has been our practice at Triggs for the past 30 years to set Tee Times increments at 8 minutes.  That was also the customary Tee Time increment of most Public Golf Courses in our area.

Under the Covid-19 Guidelines we were mandated to increase the Tee Time increment to 10 minute intervals to provide more spacing on the golf course. This is also consistent with the Rhode Island Golf Association Major Tournament standard.

As soon as we made the change to 10 minute intervals we observed a noticeable improvement in the Pace of Play at Triggs.  Our average 18 Hole Round went from over 4 1/2 hours to 4 hours or less. We also noticed a lot of smiles on the faces of our players with many positive comments.

The end result of this “Lesson”.  Even though we are now allowed to set our own Tee Time schedule we will NOT be going back to 8 minute Tee Time intervals.  We will stay at 10 minutes.  Our Players and customers are clearly having a much more enjoyable golf experience and this makes Triggs Management very happy.

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