BREAKING: New Golf Restrictions Released – Carts Remain 1 Person Only

The newest restrictions for golf in Rhode Island were released on Wednesday night by the Department of Business Regulations and the much talked about one person per golf cart rule is still in effect. 

“Part of our Phase II proposed plan included two-person golf carts. We are trying to get that resolved,” writes RIGA on Twitter about the guidelines. 

Earlier on Wednesday, GolfNewsRI reported that the two person to a cart was a sticking point to Phase II of golf’s reopening plan. 

One positive to the latest restrictions are that caddies are now allowed, as long as, they maintain social distancing.

One person per cart remains in effect. PHOTO: Rich/Flickr Commons

The latest restrictions are as follows: 

• In addition to all other requirements, recommendations, and guidelines, golf courses and golf driving ranges should follow the following guidelines: o Tee times should be spaced to allow sufficient spacing between groups. 

  • Golf cart usage is limited to one golfer per cart (unless golfers are from the same household), and all golf carts must be sanitized before and after each round of play. 
  • Caddies and forecaddies are allowed, provided social distancing is maintained, cloth face coverings are worn, hand sanitizer is used, and equipment is cleaned before and after use.
  • Consistent with general guidance, eliminate or minimize the use of shared equipment. If equipment is shared, it should be sanitized between uses. For example, flag sticks should remain in the hole. Cups should be raised, lined, flipped, or otherwise modified to prevent touching by players. Bunker rakes should be removed, and ball washers should be removed or covered. 
  • Driving ranges must space players at least six feet apart; all balls, baskets

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