97% of Golf Courses are Open Across U.S.

On April 5, just 44% of golf courses in the United States were open for business due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

But now, according to the latest data from the National Golf Foundation (NGF), 97% of golf courses across the country are open. 

“Less than 50% of golf courses were open to play for more than a month during the height of the coronavirus pandemic — a combination of governmental efforts (state and local) to reduce the spread of the virus as well as seasonality (wintry weather in the northernmost parts of the country),” wrote NGF. 

NGF added, “The percentage steadily increased from the last week of April through mid-May as more than a dozen states lifted bans on golf while others — most notably California and Florida — eased significant local restrictions. No states restrict play, though some golf courses (an increasingly limited number) still remain closed in a few metropolitan areas, including New York City, Chicago and Washington D.C.”

Chart courtesy of National Golf Foundation

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