RI Golf Restrictions Update: Shotgun Style Events Prohibited, Leagues Allowed

The Rhode Island Golf Association issued an update to the current restrictions on golf on Thursday night. 

The updated restrictions allow for leagues to take place, while shotgun style events are prohibited. 

The original restrictions issued late Wednesday night prohibited leagues and tournaments. 

Photo: Chris Urbanowicz/Flickr commons

The following is straight from RIGA:

  • 10-minute tee time intervals
  • Single rider golf carts (or two per cart if the players live in the same household)
  • Shotgun style events are prohibited and all leagues must follow the tee time spacing, social distancing requirements and to not have any gatherings of more than five people at any time.


  • Do the people that make these policy changes have any clue? To keep changing the tee time intervals is a pain in the butt. It’s not like flicking a switch. Most clubs use an online system. Ours is set at 8 minute increments. To apply the current policy in Massachusetts, I simply block every other time. Early each season I set up the entire schedule of events and groups that play. In order to adjust down from my now 16 minute interval to 10 would mean that would all need to be erased day by day. There is no mass delete button.

    Think about this for a minute. We have been told by the “experts” that 6 feet of Social Distancing is a safe practice. So why do I need to spread my tee sheet so groups are 500 YARDS apart?

    This is really stupid and whoever came up with these minute increments making a difference needs help.

    God Help Us All

  • Finally someone with common sense. Be smart and take his advice

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