8 Ways to Safely Play Golf In Rhode Island

Through this coronavirus pandemic, many businesses and restaurants across the state  have closed, and unfortunately, some will never return.

One thing that has stayed open though, for the most part, has been golf courses. 

With the heart golf season in Rhode Island upon us, it is important to get out and play the game that we all love, but play it safely. 

GolfNewsRI has put together eight ways you can play golf safely: 

1. Have a Mask With You 

Golf, by its nature, is a game of social distancing as on any particular hole, there is tons of room.  

However, it might not hurt to have a mask for those times when things get tight, like on the practice putting green, driving range and in the clubhouse. 

Currently practice greens and ranges are closed in Rhode Island, as well as, most clubhouses. 

2. Bring Hand Sanitizer 

Never a bad idea to have hand sanitizer with you for times when you are touching surfaces that could be a potential transmission point for the coronavirus. 

3. No Shaking Hands 

For most golfers, this one is going to be hard one to adjust too, but don’t shake hands with your playing competitors…. or really anyone. 

The handshake has always been a big part of golf, whether its on the first tee or the 18th green, but now it might be phased out due to the potential of the coronavirus. 

If you do shake hands, it might be good to have hand sanitizer with you. 

4. Don’t Ride … Walk 

Walking has always been a part of the game, but now with the dangers of taking a cart, it will likely be making a major return. 

In Rhode Island, golf carts are banned except for those who have a disability, as GolfNewsRI reported earlier this week. 

If you do have to take a cart, make sure you are the only one in it. 

Grab the bag and walk. PHOTO: Ryan Crierie/ Flickr Commons

5. Don’t Share Clubs…or Anything Else Really 

Don’t test out your buddy’s driver, don’t borrow a golf glove or balls. 

Sharing equipment is an easy way for the virus to spread. 

6. Be Careful What You Grab 

Flagsticks, bunker rakes, and ball washers are all things golfers touch on a regular basis. They are also things that could lead tot he spread of coronavirus. 

Don’t touch them! 

In Rhode Island, flagsticks and bunker rakes have been removed from most courses. 

Some courses are also using foam inserts to prevent the ball from dropping in the cup while giving an accurate representation of whether the putt was made. 

With that said, in an article in Golfworld, doctors from across the country said that there is little chance of catching the virus from touching a flagstick or picking a ball out of a hole. 

Don’t touch the flagsticks. PHOTO: Fenner Hill Facebook

7. Six-Feet of Space 

Even while walking to your ball, be sure to leave plenty of space between you and your playing competitors. 

This can be especially hard to do on some greens and tees. 

Don’t stand too close. PHOTO: USGA

8. Bathrooms 

With the spread of coronavirus, public bathrooms are a scary spot to be at the moment. 

Use the bathroom in the comfort of your own home before leaving to go play. 

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