80% of U.S. Golf Courses Could be Open by Early May, Says National Golf Foundation

The National Golf Foundation (NGF) is projecting that 80% of U.S. golf courses will be open for business by early May. 

This latest projection comes as Pennsylvania, Illinois, Oahu (Hawaii) and Maine are permitted to open on Friday, May 1. 

With Maine opening Friday, that means Rhode Island, Connecticut and Maine will be the only three states in New England allowing golf.

Meanwhile, New Jersey is set to open on Saturday, while Washington is expected to open next week. 

Chart courtesy of National Golf Foundation

Current State of Golf Courses in U.S. 

As GolfNewsRI reported earlier this week, currently, 58% of golf courses are open with the most coming in the south and midwest regions, each with 83% of courses open. 

In the northeast, 19% of golf courses are open, but that number will rise once Maine opens for business Friday. 

In Rhode Island, 75% of golf courses are open for business. 

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